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Tis the season!

Don't forget to order a copy of Ben's Christmas CD, 'I'll Be Thanking Santa' in time for the holiday season.  Or grab a 10 pack to give to friends and family.  It's sure to add some cheer (and swing!) to your holidays this year.

I'll Be Thanking Santa

Ben Paterson

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Ben leads his piano trio through 9 classic Christmas tunes, plus 2 additions of his own to the holiday songbook. Joined by two of his favorite musicians, bassist Luke Sellick and drummer Charles Goold, it's sure to add some cheer (and swing!) to your holiday season.

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I also want to encourage you to visit my Patreon page.  I post extra videos from gigs, behind the scenes content, and I also do a video series called 'Performance and Analysis.'  Each week I take a classic Jazz or Blues standard, play a couple choruses, and then go through and examine some of the key harmonic and improvisational concepts

It's great for those of you who want to take a deeper dive into the music.  Below is a quick excerpt from my look at All The Things You Are.  If you're interested, visit me on Patreon at: www.patreon.com/benpatersonmusic


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